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Turn that messy room into a home office, selected by professionals for you. Elevate your video calls. Discover what a pocket of unexposed film can get you. Our profile of the legendary street photographer. Most of us have been into social distancing for weeks and would have logged many Zoom meetings. The time spent Since the pandemic hits the world, thousands of people have found Zoom calls a constant part of their life.

Both Zoom and Skype are the most widely used communication tools for remote teams; however, if you are finding yourself Zoom background images See more “Close Cart”.

Zoom video background See more “Close Cart”. Professional Video Call Backgrounds. Special offers See all collections. Zoom backgrounds are recommended by top media professionals. Trending Today. Room Zoom Backgrounds Set. My Zoom calls just get better, my colleagues keeps asking where do I get such a nice backgrounds. Thank you for an amazing backgrounds. I’m really happy to have an option to hide my house.

I think it is the best thing that happened to me. I really enjoy using these backgrounds. Top Categories. New superior office every day? Change your Zoom background with a few clicks and match your mood with the ideal office. Why choose The Zoom Backgrounds. Only High Quality Photos and videos.

Categorized content. Selected by a professional photographer. Stable body projection. This week’s best seller. View in your space. Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. Title Default Title. Add to Cart. How it works. You will see several default background options provided by Zoom. A new window will pop up, allowing you to upload any file from your computer.

Once you do, the background will be available among the default choices provided by zoom. Join our Mailing List.



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What was once thought to be a momentary adjustment, working from home has actually become a better structure for employees all over the world.


Your guide to professional-looking Zoom backgrounds – SketchDeck.


It was also released by the same company. The story of Big Hero 6 centers on Hiro Hamada who has the mind of a genius and the heart of a year old. The images make for good virtual backgrounds for your Zoom interactions because of their sharp details and vivid colors. They will embark on new adventures in this upcoming season.

Check out these slides from their slide library. They have a wide selection of Disney images to choose from. For example, you could use an image of the Camp Kikiwaka sign or one with Emma and her friends in their cabin at camp. In this show, protagonist Gabby Duran seizes an opportunity to become a true hero, proving that she has what it takes even when things seem impossible or unlikely. One of the best scenes in the show that you can adopt for your Zoom background is where Gabby and her classmates have their backpacks stolen.

Gabby and the other students run around to find out who took their belongings, but none of them know anything.

But then Gabby figures out a raccoon named Rufus is the culprit. The spaceships and settings used in this movie were all CGI computer-generated imagery which makes it seem realistic. Because these scenes show a close-up look at Harrison Ford as Han Solo piloting his ship through different planets, they are all great Disney Zoom backgrounds.

The beautiful colors and lighting effects give us a sense of depth when we see Han Solo piloting his ship along with the help of his trusty Wookie partner Chewbacca. This scene is one of my favorite Disney Zoom backgrounds and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Death Star Control Room scene features a round table with three-dimensional maps on it, which appears to rotate as characters stand around it speaking or plotting an attack Wikipedia contributors. This is called a zoom-in shot.

Zoom shots can be done with or without moving cameras. The Rebel Base scene photos and pictures on this page are used as official promo visuals published by Disney and their partners. This Zoom background Image has a look of science fiction that will make you feel like an astronaut traveling through space looking at planets and stars along your way.

The different shades of blue really make me feel like I am watching something magical take place during a lightning storm at night time. The starry sky really shines through as the actors watch over what is theirs from the sky, but what makes this background so amazing is that it also has a lot going on in terms of movement and action.

It is armed with a super laser capable of destroying entire planets, according to the knowledge base at Wookiepedia. The image also shows an explosion during the Battle of Endor, which is fought between Alliance forces and Imperial forces to prevent a planet-sized weapon from firing on planets in the galaxy.

This background has lots of skyscrapers and buildings with paths on them which makes it look perfect for your presentation or any other project you may be doing. The light at night gives it a very realistic look which makes it attractive to anyone who may be viewing your background. This background is one of the best you can use for sessions on projects related to space, technology, or any other futuristic theme due to its resemblance with actual scenes in movies like Star Wars and others.

If you want to create a kingly setting during some of your Zoom sessions, then you should use these images from your Royal Throne scenes. You can also see some other royalty settings as well such as the room of a palace, throne rooms, etc. As one of the best Disney Zoom backgrounds, you can use Sleeping Beauty images to create beautiful Zoom backgrounds. This specific type of Zoom background is perfect if you want to share inside information about the movie with other people who will visit your site as well.

The best part about this type of Zoom background is that it looks very good and professional at the same time, which means that your website will look great as well. Disney is known for its animation and cartoons. The Little Mermaid has been a huge hit since the release of the movie in , to the present day. This background would give your Zoom sessions a unique and fun feel as you relive some of your childhood memories through the eyes of Ariel.

Disney Aladdin Palace has become a popular name in animation movies and the brand continues to innovate its products with amazing graphics. To match your Zoom background to your current pop culture obsession, join your next meeting from the Iron Throne to draw eyes and command respect.

One perk of the Work From Anywhere lifestyle is the ability to constantly be on the move. To reflect your highly-flexible work routine, choose a Zoom background that showcases your love of travel. The more scenic your Zoom background is, the closer you will get to your dream vacation. For a large Zoom meeting, a background image that is too busy or detailed runs the risk of being distracting to the other meeting attendees.

When you want to stand out without attracting too much attention, a solid image background that is more than a blank black or white box hits the sweet spot. The Open Content Program from the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute is where you’ll find over , free, downloadable images of works of art.

Source: The Getty. To take your next Zoom meeting to the next level— and by next level, I mean next galaxy— set your background to a shot of the cosmos. Source: Pixabay. To have the environment of your next Zoom meeting match the environment outside your window, set your virtual background to a crisp fall woodland scene.

To add a layer of peace to your next virtual meeting, set your Zoom background to an image of a vibrant forest under a calming layer of fog. To transport you and your colleagues far, far away choose a free Zoom background image of one of the wonders of the world— like the Northern Lights— to spark creativity.

The ultimate sign of progress and strength, set your Zoom background to an artful image of sand dunes to inspire your team to always be moving forward.

If you want to get creative, try designing your own Zoom background image. Use a photo you’ve taken or check out free stock photo sites like Unsplash , Pexels , and Pixabay to find a fun Zoom background image. Whether you want to change your background to a photo of your pet or favorite vacation destination, you’ll need to crop your image so it fits Zoom’s background image dimensions. Your image will need to have an aspect ratio of Cropping your image to x pixels or x pixels should work well.

You can also use a template, like the templates offered by Canva , to design a Zoom background image of your own.

We hope you enjoy these Zoom background options! Share a snapshot of your Zoom background with us OwlLabs — we’d love to see which images you select for your next meeting.

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