Arbaeen 2021 in Karbala

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Day 1: 20TH Sep; meet and assist at Baghdad Airport car park called Sahat Ibn Farnas. You need to get a transport from Terminal building to this car part and it cost $10 per person or could be less. Our team will meet you in the morning hours till midday. Drive to hotel in Kazmain and rest. After lunch guided tour to Haram Hazrat Imam Musa Kazim and Mohammed Taqi Al-Jawad (a). 2nd guided tour with Alim is before Maghrib salat. Overnight in Kazmain.

Day 2: 21st Sep; At 0800 checkout and drive to Samaraa for Ziyarat of Imam Hassan Askari, Imam Ali Naqi, Hakeema Khatun and Narjis Khatun. After ziyarat lunch in Haram restaurant. After lunch proceed to Syed Mohamed in Balad. After Ziyaraat proceed to Najaf Al Ashraf and check in hotel. Overnight in Najaf.

Day 3: 22nd Sep; Wed: At 0900 guided tour and ziyarat of Imam Ali (a), Prophet Adam, Prophet Nooh. At 1500 drive to Masjid Kufa for aamaal and Ziyaraat and home of Imam Ali (a), Shrine of Misam Al Tamaar. Overnight in Najaf.

Day 4: 23rd Sep; Thu; At 0900 drive to Masjid Hananah, Kumail, Masjid Sahla.

At return we get dropped at Wadi Al Salaam and perform ziyarat of Prophet Hud and Saleh. At Maghrib pray in Haram of Imam Ali and join in Dua e Kumail.

Bid farewell to Imam Ali (a) at 10pm with Alim. Overnight in Najaf.

Day 5: 24th Sep; Fri; At Fajr checkout hotel if you are going with Alim on Mashi (walk) or you can leave at your pace with your family or friends before mid-day. Checkout is mid-day. We will take your luggage of small suitcase up to 10 kg maximum to your hotel room in Karbala and will be checked in your room. You can arrive any time or any day and enter your room. Those not walking will be accompanied with tour manager and guide to Karbala Hotel and check in. Guided tour of Haram will be done after rest and ghusl. Overnight in Karbala.

(Those who walk for first time from Najaf to Karbala normally take 3 days to walk with good rest). Expected arrival after 3 days walk is 26/27th Sept.

Day 6: 25th Sep; Sat; Rest

Day 7: 26th Sep; Sun; Rest

Day 8: 27th Sep; Mon; Guided tour of Haram Imam Hussain and Hazrat Abbas a.s. with Alim and guide at 3 pm. Majlis after dinner in hotel and Azadari. Overnight in Karbala.

Day 9: 28th Sep; Tue; Arbaeen Day; Aamaal with Alim and Azadari by Nauha Recitor. Dua e Tawassul will be recited.

Juloos to join. Overnight in Karbala.

Day 10: 29th Sep; Wed; At 0900 walk to Atraf (surrounding Ziyarat part 1 by foot inside Karbala. Majlis and Azadari in Hotel. Overnight in Karbala.

Day 11: 30th Sep; Thu; At 0900 walk to Atraf ziyarat part 2. After Maghrib salat in Baynul Haramain Dua e Kumail, Ziyarat Ashura, ziyarat Ummul Banin, Majlis and Azadari in hotel after dinner. Overnight in Karbala.

Day 12: 01 Oct; Fri; At 1100 walk to Haram Imam Hussain for Friday Prayer.

At 4 pm drive to Hazrat Hur (a) for ziyarat. At 10 pm Bid farewell to Imam Hussain a.s. and Hazrat Abbas a.s. Overnight in Karbala.

Day 13: 02 October; Checkout hotel and drive to Baghdad Airport. Your flight should be between 0700 and 1500- 3pm. Any other time will be on your expenses.


Your luggage must be light to carry when you are walking from Najaf to Karbala. We can handle and transport your bag up to 10 kg. only. Other Zawwar who are not walking should also bring up to 15 kg maximum per person adult.

PCR TEST will be paid by you both ways outbound and inbound. 72 hours before flight it must be taken each flight departure. We will take you in Karbala to get it done but expenses are to be paid by you. Also if you will Quarantine in any country it will be from your expenses. We are not responsible for it. Any other test kit expenses on return and filling the necessary form imposed by your country has to be done by you and not Alavi Travel management.

We accept Zawwar from any country you wish to come as long as you arrange your air ticket. Visa fee will be covered in ground package cost of $1790.

Package includes:

Visa fee on arrival at Baghdad Airport or in your Embassy/ Consulate up to $75. Bring the receipt and we will re imburse you that fee. Transport and transfers. Alim multi lingual. Nauha Recitor Mazaher Abbas of Sweden. 3 local guides, Full board, Trollies, 1-night hotel in Kazmain first night, Samaraa and Balad day trip, Lunch in Samaraa Haram restaurant of Imam, dinner in Bus, 3 nights’ hotel in Najaf, 8 nights’ hotel in Karbala. Multi lingual tour manager services, Haram Buses for speedy transfers and more comfort.

Package Excludes:

Air tkt return, Visa approval normally not required each year during Arbaeen,

Quarantine expenses in Iraq or your country, Paperwork for your country on return, PCR test expenses in Iraq and your country. Any other unexpected expenses, medical, medicine, repatriation. Flight cancellation due to any reason. Any extra hotel required will be incurred by Zaer/ traveller. Natural act of God etc.

Deposit Non-refundable required @ time of Booking of $200 paid in Pounds sterling equivalent on to secure your hotel booking. Balance money is to be paid in our Bank account 7 days before departure.

May Allah and Imam accept your efforts and Ibadaat, Ameen.

Your Alim will be Syed Zafar Abbas Naquvi of London, UK.


Tel: 00447713622402 (M.Raza Jaffer) Tour manager



September 22, 2021 - September 30, 2021 (All Day)(GMT+00:00)



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