Ashura in Karbala

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11th Aug Ashura Iraq Itinerary

Air Tickets to buy just 3 days before departure.

Day 1: Meet and assist @ Baghdad Airport. Drive and check in hotel in Kazmain.  Rest and room allocation. After rest Haram tour and ziyarat of 7th and 9thImam. Day 2; At 0900 drive to Samaraa and Balad. Perform ziyarat of 11th and 10th Imam. Birth place of 12th Imam in basement in Samaraa. In Balad ziyarat of Syed Mohamed (Brother of 11th Imam). Return to Kazmain. Overnight in Kazmain.

Day 3: At 0900 Drive to Najaf and check in Hotel Qasr Al Dur in Najaf Ashraf. Combined Haram ziyarat of Imam Ali a.s. and Hazrat Nooh and Prophet Adam a.s. Overnight in Najaf.

Day 4: At 0930 appointment with Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistani (Not confirmed). At 3 pm walk to Wadi Al Salam ziyarat of Nabi Hud and Nabi Saleh. Dua e Kumail in Haram Imam Ali a.s. Overnight in Najaf Al Ashraf.

Day 5: At 1000 shopping trip (optional).  At 3 pm drive to Masjid Kufa for ziyarat of Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel, Hani bin Urwa, Mukhtar Al Thaqafi. Maqam Zarbat of Imam Ali a.s. and aamaal of maqamaat of many Holy spots. 5th holiest masjid in the world. Overnight in Najaf.

Day 6: At 0900 drive to Masjid Sahla, Hazrat Kumail shrine, Masjid Hananah (Holy Head of Imam Hussain was kept here after event of Karbala. At 10 pm after dinner bid farewell to Imam Ali a.s. with Alim. Overnight in Najaf.

Day 7: At 0930 check out from Najaf hotel and drive to Hazrat Hur a.s. and Awlaad Hazrat Muslim a.s. Check in Hotel in Karbala (The Baron). After rest and ghusl, combined tour and ziyarat of Hazrat Abbas a.s. and Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s. Overnight in Karbala.

Day 8: At 0900 surrounding ziyarat of inside Karbala part 1 by foot.  After Maghrib its eve of Ashura night. Overnight in Karbala.

Day 9:  At 0900 surrounding ziyarat of inside Karbala part 2. Dua e Kumail  at Baynul Haramain and ziyarat of Ummul Banin, Ziyarat Ashura. Majlis in Hotel after dinner. Overnight in Karbala. Eve of Ashura night.

Day 10: Ashura day aamaal will be performed at 10am in our hotel. Majlis and Matam will be performed throughout the day in our hotel and outside hotel. Demonstrations will be around Karbala all day.

Day 11: Checkout  and drive to Baghdad Airport.


May Allah and Imam accept your efforts and Ibadaat, Ameen.



August 11, 2021 - August 21, 2021 (All Day)(GMT+00:00)


Iran, Iraq

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