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Contains ads In-app purchases. PEGI 3 info. It also has numerous retro, vintage filters freez aesthetic stickers. Just with a simple tap, you can create a plain zoomsrang into a unique photo art. Start your psychedelic journey with how to freeze on zoomerang – none: trippy effects.

If you are a fan of vaporwave style, you can not skip this trippy photo editor. Retro Photo Editor Retro trend comes back again.

Its glitch effect, vaporwave sticker and psychedelic elements bring intense visual conflicts, which makes your photos eye-catcher on Instagram. A how to freeze on zoomerang – none: of film filters and vintage photo effects make uow photos look like taken by old camera. Download this 90s photo editor, freez freeze your how to freeze on zoomerang – none: in a nostalgic way.

Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. Learn more about data safety No information available. It has many of the effects I use on PicsArt but the pro version is only 3. The neon effects are my favorite. Other effects include cracked glass smoke light prism, too many to name including retro window pop ups. The text art colors and fonts are pretty decent. It’s very budget friendly. I highly recommend it to my friends.

Mind you I’m using a moto g play I’ve had no app crashes so far. It’s fun to play around with. Compare with Источник Pix and other frerze photo apps. Solid app with a great selection of filters and effects. Amazing, the watermark can be removed with an ad which I don’t mind because there aren’t many.

The effects work well against the video, it matches perfectly well done. When used with other editing apps you can make masterpieces.

I wouldn’t recommend getting pro, there are ways to get around buying zoomerrang that I won’t say so people can use it. But aside from that flaw, please don’t fix it! Creeze is an absolute masterpiece. Definitely recommend! Collage Maker Photo Editor. Photo Editor – Collage Maker. Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera. HD Video Player. Нажмите чтобы перейти – Smart Video Узнать больше. Zoomerang – Short Videos.

Glitch Video Effect. Foto Grid Photo Collage Maker.



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The Madman. Hunter’s Command.


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I would say it DOES have people on there that curse so just keep a eye out on that. Or you can just add a filter or whatever you would like, and click on POST and it will have you do the video again. After that you put a hashtag and a caption and you are good to post! People will follow you and you can follow people as well.

On the top of the HOME PAGE it will let u pick featured, for you, and following there is also a button on the bottom on the home page of a Trophy and that is all the challenges. And that is all the things about Zoomerang! Pretty cool app. Please restart the application to get it fixed. The logs are sent to us and we are working on stability. Thanks in advance. It keeps kicking me out randomly out of the app, so please fix that.

Other times, it kicks me out, turns my screen black, loads, and then locks my iPad. Only with Zoomerang. Please do an update to fix that. Thank you. Can you please take away pro? I would also like to see Renegade and Say So in the tutorials. I love it over all! Thank you! I know I leave lots of updates on this app but I really love it! I forgot it, and I really want to make a group account but the email I used no longer works.

So maybe you can make a feature to change the email, or the password? Thank you and please take my request into consideration :. I was so happy when I first installed this cause my phone is out of date and my parents won’t get me a new one so I can not install zoomerang. There for i can not add music or look at the tutorials, but now that I see i can only make boring videos I’m sad. Although when I had zoomerang I loved it, it is an amazing app so you should get zoomerang not this app.

Every reader read this! My bestie showed me this amazing app! Called Zoomerang I was so amazed by how they made this app and how they came with the name! So one day I played around and did cool videos and I saw I could make my own! So I reported readers this might be why you can not be in your account you might got reported! So anyway! I saw a bad word ofc! Reported that vidoe! Right away! Then the next day I looked around there was no bad word in the other vid I was so happy Zoomerang took care of that!!!

So then readers.. Best team Zoomerang! Forgot password? I have a few questions to ask. I wonder how come the films filter are not with the other effects where you finish the first effect or filter you want to use and then you want to edit where it shows the pencil on the top and when you press it shows you all effects filters and lots of other things to do.

Do you think you can add the films filter to the after effects where the pencil is please? One question to ask you, since I like the films filter and use it a lot along the other filters and effects do you think you can 13 more films filter like 2 in 16mm, 2 in super 8mm, and 2 in super 8 and leave the others film filters just like the other film filters that we already have but in a different kind please and thank you.

Sorry if I was asking to much, still like the app!!! Anyways, this game has some bad stuff too. This app is a nock off of tik tok.

I highly recommend tik tok for people looking at apps like Zoomerang. You can get this game but I just think that it is over rated and u might regret this install. I am not a bot I am a real person giving real reviews. I want u to know that this app is not meant for 4 year olds. And it copies the fonts on tik tok the app I was mentioning I hope u read this and if u are I hope u take a moment to think if u want to install this.

The most frustrating thing EVA is the adds!!! The adds r the worst! We all saw it in the beginning and we said no! And I am nine and I see this problem! But I love the glitchy effects and the easy edits and the not signing in part! And if u dislike annoying adds like me then I suggest try it even if u end up hating it!

And if u love rlly annoying apps then I definitely suggest this! Hi there thanks for reading this review! Zoomerang is one of my favorite apps I probably use it too much! Unlike tik tok. But there ARE still a few problems I want to talk about.

First of all they got rid of the option where you could choose the song you want. Now I have to find a video with that song then shoot the tutorial, Use video music, shoot it again and use it in my tutorial giving credit to them which sometimes I forget to do.

The 2nd and last problem is it kicks me off. Thank you so much for reading my reviews and hope you take my ideas into consideration thank you! Zoomerang is a great app but there is something that is really wrong.

So, if you make a Tutorial and you did it really good or you loved it, and all that stuff like that. But my point is Free Unlock. So I was making tutorials right and I did not have Zoomerang pro. So I was making them with my brother right.

When I post it, it shows no free Unlock at the time. So, I have two accounts. And one of them I make flashes on. So I made two of them and signed off then account. So I only made 6 videos and 4 of them are free unlock and I am so upset right now that I had to report this like its not fare! So I would hope that you would add some changes to the way free unlock works.

I give this app a 3 because it’s good but they still need to fix a few things and I’m not sure what they are but this app is still good. First off, I wanted to recognize that Zoomerang is a really great app that has helped me create really amazing videos with its features. I get a lot out of the free version, and after years of having this app I am overall very satisfied. The reason this app does not have 5 stars is because of one of its most recent updates which includes a feature that allows you to edit your face to perfection.

I don’t like this update because the primary users of this app are young girls. When I first got Zoomerang I liked it because it was safe and harmless for kids.

With this new feature I feel like it could potentially cause harm to young girls and their body image at a very young age. I don’t know how popular this feature is, but I wanted to put it out there that I have some level of concern. I really do love Zoomerang, I think it’s a fun and creative place for younger folk or anyone to introduce themselves to video editing and the newest trends.

The face editing is my only concern, other than that this is a great app. There are some people who post inappropriate content or videos though.

Be aware there is curse words and some sexual videos. The only bad experience I had was one day I was logging on to post a tutorial and it said account not found. Best, Abby. I do videos on zoomerang and then I post them on tik tok! So Zoomerang I would not be giving this app 2 stars if you would fix some of the problems.

First of all it keeps telling me that I need to give permission to write in Photos in settings. I absolutely LOVE this app. Its really cool how you can do all these tutorials and i love that there is accounts and now comments.

There are some bad things but they dont really bother me. But one of the things that bothers me and my best friend is that there is inappropriate accounts that are following us.

So duetting would be really cool instead of having to save it to your device then overlaying it and its just really really hard to do that.

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