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– How to Set Up a Zoom Integration

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Use of this sample app is subject to our Terms of Use. Clone and install the app and it’s dependencies. We’ll be using Express for a basic Node. Create a. Remember: Never share or store your client credentials publicly. During the OAuth flow, Zoom will need to know where to redirect a user after they have successfully authenticated and installed the app on their account.

For this we’ll use ngrokwhich creates how to access zoom api – how to access zoom api: public link to a localhost development server. This will generate a forwarding link. Copy this and add it into your. Keep ngrok running! I join zoom meeting if i dont the the linkage disconnects, we’ll need to can i join two meetings in zoom how to access zoom api – how to access zoom api: new redirectURL. Creating this app will generate your OAuth Client ID and Secret needed to install on your account and get an access token.

To install the app, we’ll need to add some quick info on the app. Add in the following:. We won’t need to add any Features to our app, but if we wanted to enable Event Subscriptions through Zoom Webhooks, we’d do it here. OAuth is used to guarantee that an app only has access to the data you authorize.

If an app does not have the required scope, it cannot call the API on your behalf. To request data,we’ll need to add a Scope to our app. The only data we need is for a user’s profile information. Click Done and continue on to how to access zoom api – how to access zoom api: Installation page.

With our app running on localhosta live redirectURL from ngrok, and proper scopes requested we can now install the app on our account. Zoom will now ask you to authorize the app on your account.

Note that the app is requesting only the scope we’ve added. If you’re not the admin on your Zoom account, the admin might require you to ask them for pre-approval to install this app. Submit a request to get this pre-approved by your account admin. Authorizing the app will send you to the Redirect URL of your app, linked to our app running on localhost Follow our documentation on OAuth with Zoom for more information on building a user-level app on the Zoom App Marketplace.

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– How to access zoom api – how to access zoom api:

Some of the Zoom API endpoints can be used for free. Other endpoints that require a paid plan mention it under ‘Prerequisites’ on the respective endpoint. Ready to set up and use Zoom, but aren’t sure where to start? Begin with our onboarding support experience for everything you need to get started. Get Started.


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Site owners can modify this package to make any requests using these basic Zoom API functions. Register a Companies like zoominfo App. Define the app with permissions how to access zoom api – how to access zoom api: to scope. Save app credentials. Save the app credentials client ID and client Secret that are automatically generated when creating the Zoom app.

Open the Wix Secrets Manager to securely store the client secrets. This is more secure than pasting them into /11256.txt code. Make sure never to expose your client’s secrets. Store a new secret using the credentials we defined in the previous section.

Name the client secret: velo-zoom-integration-client-secret. In your config. The package code adds how to access zoom api – how to access zoom api: user when successfully authorized by Zoom.

Note: Make sure the collection is defined as private because it contains sensitive information. Name the collection ZoomUsers and define основываясь на этих данных following fields:. This package contains backend functions for Zoom integration. Note that only exported functions that you can use in your site are listed here. The code in this file contains functions for validating the Wix member and their token.

An identifiers object that contains identifying details needed to check if the token expired. The identifying details are details that typically only the site owner would know. Taken from the ZoomUsers collection.

A promise that resolves to a response object containing the following property:. Validates if the Wix member sending the Zoom authorization request is the currently-logged-in Wix member. A promise that resolves to one of of the following response objects:. When successful, an object like this:. When unsuccessful, an object containing an error message, such as:. The code in the zoom-api-wrapper. The exposed functionality enables you to call functions on behalf of the member that is currently logged in to your site from a page /6239.txt site code.

The code in this file contains functions for managing Zoom meetings from your site on behalf of a site member. To use the functions below in your code, import them with the following syntax:. Creates a user token for accessing the Zoom account by calling the backend createToken function. A data object that contains a code for creating the token. The code is received from Zoom after authentication and is /18184.txt of the query parameters /2515.txt the URL of the page.

This Zoom Integration package calls a getQueryParams function defined in the zoom-api-wrapper. Creates a Zoom meeting for the Wix member using their Zoom account. A meetingInfo object that contains details needed to create the meeting:. This package is designed to supply certain default values. Modify the package code as necessary.

Returns : A promise that resolves to a meeting object containing the meeting details. Gets information about an existing Zoom meeting for the Wix member from their Zoom account. A узнать больше здесь object that contains information needed to retrieve the details about the meeting:.

For example: A promise that resolves to a meeting object containing the meeting details. A meetingInfo object that contains information needed to delete the Zoom meeting:. The code in the zoom-api. The exposed functionality enables you to call Zoom API methods on behalf of the authorized member even if the member is not currently logged in. Note : To call the functions with Zoom user email validation, and without exposing the package functions to unauthorized visitors, call the functions from within a backend zoom-api-wrapper.

The functions in this file all receive a request object as a parameter and return a promise that resolves to a response object. The request objects for the functions in the zoom-api. The code in the zoom-auth. The exposed functionality enables you to create and work with Zoom user tokens. Note : Can be called from the frontend by the createTokenWrapper function. A promise that how to access zoom api – how to access zoom api: to a читать полностью object containing these properties:.

A request object in JSON format containing these properties:. Put code that you want available to the entire site in the Public section. The code in this optional init-zoom. An authorization object in JSON format containing these взято отсюда. This data can be details from the Zoom authorization process or any other details that you collected on the original page before requesting authorization.

For example, the page might have received submitted information such as name, how to access zoom api – how to access zoom api:, and so on. You can send these details to Zoom, even though Zoom will not use these details, just to reload them on the refreshed page.

You can call this function on every page load or only after redirected from the Zoom single sign-on SSO login page. This function retrieves the code and the state from the query params and creates the token. A data object that contains details needed to create the token:. A state object containing details for initiating the Zoom integration:. The state details are returned as a JSON object, such as:.

API Overview. Velo Package Readmes. Release Notes. A logged-in Wix member requests access to their Zoom account, for example when registering for a service on a Wix site. This is one-time-only. A user token is created and returned. The Wix site receives the Zoom user token and saves it in a private collection. Create a Zoom meeting for the member. Name the client secret: velo-zoom-integration-client-secret Configurations Create a connection from your site to Zoom. Link to the page where the initZoom function is implemented.

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