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How to Join a Zoom Meeting – step by step | Zoom – How to Host a Zoom Meeting via Web Browser

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The features mentioned in this article reflect the latest version of hist Zoom desktop client. For information on how to update Zoom, see Updating Zoom.

Among being able to record your meetings, you have a handful of other tools available to you to easily moderate your meeting.

Review too picture below to хорошая why does my zoom video keep shutting off именно: out more about these jobile:. You can click the microphone icon to quickly mute if needed.

Security : /18808.txt security feature allows you to secure your meeting in multiple ways. From this button, you can lock the meeting, enable посмотреть больше waiting room, grant participants the meehing to share their screen, allow chat sessions in the meeting, allow participants to rename themselves, and remove kn.

Manage Participants : This is where you will продолжить participants to your meeting while you are hosting it; you will simply click the Manage Participants button /14601.txt click Invite at the bottom of the pop-out window. You can also manage the participants that are in the meeting.

You can rename them, quick chat, make host, allow them to record you, remove them from the meeting, and ping other users with alerts ссылка на продолжение as Yes, No, Raise Hand, I Need a Breakand more. Chat : From here, you can individually chat with one or more people or chat with every participant in the meeting. Share Screen : You can share your moible: with viewers so that inn can see what is on your screen at the moment. Record : This allows you to record your meeting for later viewing.

Breakout Rooms : This feature allows you to either automatically or manually hiw participants into smaller rooms. This could be helpful for assigning people to groups for a group project. If you are having audio issues on your computer, please refer to the following knowledge how to host a zoom meeting in mobile – how to host a zoom meeting in mobile: on how to configure your audio settings on your Windows or Mac machine:. If you are having audio issues in Zoom itself, but your audio device is working fine, please read the following Zoom article on configuring and testing your audio devices in a Zoom meeting:.

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How to host a zoom meeting in mobile – how to host a zoom meeting in mobile:. 10 Tips and Tricks for Zoom


You can choose to start your meetings immediately, or schedule them for an upcoming date as a meeting host. You can then invite other participants to your Zoom meeting. Starting a meeting as a host is extremely easy on any version of Zoom. We break down how to host a Zoom meeting below so that you can set up a meeting. To host a meeting, you will need to have the Zoom app desktop or mobile installed and will need to have created a Zoom account.

If you have been invited to join a meeting and have never installed the app before, you will be prompted when attempting to join the meeting. The meeting will start and you can now invite participants to join your meeting. After the host has set up a meeting, they will need to invite attendees.

You can invite attendees during the meeting and for an upcoming, scheduled meeting. Across all versions of Zoom desktop client, mobile app, and web portal , there are three main ways of inviting participants to your meeting. These can all be accessed slightly differently depending on the client or app you are using. We break down instructions for each platform below, and give you images to show you where your different invitation methods are located in the process.

If you choose one of the alternative sign in methods, you will need to sign in to those services before proceeding. Zoom desktop client, Zoom mobile app, OR Zoom web portal; a third-party-messaging service email, calendar app, instant messaging, text messaging.

With a meeting running, you can still invite participants. Simply start a Zoom meeting and follow the steps below to invite participants to your meeting depending on the method you prefer.

Participants can be invited by:. You can also simply click the small arrow next to the Participants button , and then Invite. Click the Email tab. Click the email service you want to use. You will need to sign in to the respective account you choose such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

Zoom will use an automatically generated email invitation, that includes the meeting ID and password, the email link, and any other information about the meeting. Simply enter the email addresses of the people you wish to invite, and then send the email invitations off!

Zoom lets you add and manage contacts within the app. You can interact with these contacts, inviting them to your meetings and using the chat function for direct messaging and file sharing. You can add contacts to Zoom and use this list to interact with users when you host a Zoom meeting.

Make sure the Contacts tab is clicked it should be selected by default. Click to select the contact s that you want to invite to the meeting. Anyone that receives this link can either click it or enter it into a browser address bar, connecting them to the meeting via the desktop client, mobile app, or browser version.

Use a third-party messaging service text message, email, instant messaging service, etc. Mobile versions of the app are designed to be almost identical. There will be small differences between iOS and Android.

Our example uses Android images and buttons, so some buttons may be named slightly different, but the general process will be the same on both versions. A Zoom meeting host key is a 6-digit number that can be used by a meeting participant to claim host controls. A host key is applied to any meeting you schedule so that someone can claim host controls and manage the meeting administration.

A Zoom meeting host has full permissions to manage the meeting. The host is the user that scheduled the meeting, although another person can claim host privileges in some scenarios. There can only be one meeting host at a time. A Zoom meeting co-host has access to most of the host meeting controls, allowing them to manage the meeting.

A co-host must be assigned by the host during a meeting. Co-hosts cannot start a meeting. To start a meeting in the hosts absence, hosts can assign an alternative host. If you join a meeting and there is no host, you can claim host controls using the host key. This can be great for meetings where participants can join before the host, to ensure a secure and safe meeting environment.

The Zoom host key associated with a meeting is the host key that is required to claim host controls for that meeting. So you need to enter the host key of the person who is the creator and original host of that meeting; entering your own host key will not grant you host privileges. After your host key has been verified, you will be assigned as the meeting host and will gain access to host controls.

A host key is essentially a safety feature for controlling meetings and managing participant actions. If someone has gained access to your host key, or you suspect your host key has been used without your permission, you may want to change your key. You may also simply want to change your host key to a sequence you can remember easily.

However, be careful not to make the host key too simple for other people to guess e. For example, if you have someone who regularly hosts meetings that you have scheduled, you could leave the host key as is so they can easily do this when you need. Click Edit to make changes to your host key.

To make sure you are prepared to run your Zoom meeting, learn how to use Zoom and the main meeting controls that will be available to you as a host.

As a meeting host, you can set up meetings , schedule meetings for the future , and invite participants. You also have additional security and administrative controls to manage the meeting and keep it safe for all participants.

What is covered in this article How to host a Zoom meeting: set up the call How to invite people to attend your Zoom meeting How to invite participants during a Zoom meeting How to use a host key for your Zoom Meeting. Requirements: Zoom desktop client, Zoom mobile app, OR Zoom web portal; a third-party-messaging service email, calendar app, instant messaging, text messaging.

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