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Have you taken part in a Zoom quiz recently with your friends or family? Zoom quizzes are trending at the moment, especially as many of us are in another lockdown. Last year, during the first lockdown, I took part in several Zoom quizzes with my friends, including hosting one myself.

In the process of creating my quiz, I came up with lots of quiz round ideas! I shared many of these in a previous post: 14 Unique and Hilarious Zoom Quiz Round Ideas and I am going to share 11 more quiz round ideas with you here. This post will hopefully provide you with plenty of inspiration if you are organising your own Zoom quiz!

Before we get started on the quiz round ideas, I want to recommend that you make a PowerPoint presentation to accompany your Zoom quiz. This should include written versions of the questions, and of course the picture rounds.

You can share your screen on Zoom so that your participants can read the questions and follow along easily with the quiz. For this round, find or make some recordings of everyday sounds, and play them to your quiz participants for them to identify. Examples could be a kettle boiling, a supermarket checkout machine or an aeroplane flying overhead.

Another option is to gather some noisy objects and make real noises with them off-camera for your participants to identify. Good objects for this would be squeaky dog toys, crisp packets, or a stapler. Search the internet to find some riddles — simple ones are probably best. Show them to your participants and give them a set amount of time, for example, 3 minutes, to solve as many riddles as they can.

Alternatively, you can read out or show the riddles one by one like a normal quiz round. Find some well-known quotes from movies and get your quiz participants to identify what movie they are from. You can narrow this down to a certain genre of movies, for example, Disney or Marvel if you feel that would be more suited to the people taking part. You could also offer an additional point for naming the character that said the quote.

For this round, the answer to every question is a number. For example: How many faces does a cube have? Or, How many players are there on a Rugby team? You could make it so that no two questions have the same answer — perhaps have 10 questions where the answers are 1 to 10 but not in that order! In my previous quiz round post , I suggested taking screenshots of famous landmarks on Google Maps and getting your participants to identify them.

These can look very different from a birds-eye-view! Obviously, this quiz round will only be fair if all of your participants are familiar with the same area. Find or create silhouette images of various objects, buildings, animals or even people! Get the quiz participants to identify what, or who they are. Gather some short clips of songs from musicals, and play them to your participants. Get them to identify what musical the song is from.

You could offer additional points for naming the actual song! Find some clips of TV theme tunes and get the participants to identify which show they are from. Test how well your participants know their vegetables! Find or take photos of vegetables, ideally including some less common ones such as turnips, swedes and pak choi. To make it harder, you could cut vegetables in half and photograph cross-sections of them, or even take close-up photos of part of the vegetable.

Get your participants to guess what vegetable they are. You could also include fruits if you like. This is a general knowledge round, but all the answers begin with the same letter. Once they get one answer, they will know what the letter is… if their answer is right! This round could include slightly harder-than-average questions because the participants have an advantage once they know the first letter. Name some historical events and get the participants to guess what year they happened in.

You could offer 2 points if they guess the exact year, and 1 point if they are within, say, 10 years of the correct year.

If you choose more recent events, maybe only allow the exact year! This is a reminder to have a tiebreaker question prepared just in case you end up with a tie! If you are hosting a Zoom quiz soon, I hope I have given you some inspiration for quiz round ideas, and that your quiz goes well!

Have you taken part in any Zoom quizzes so far this year? Did they include any of these rounds, or similar? Let me know below in the comments! Thank you for this post and the lovely quizzes. Definitely needed this xx. I hope you and your brother and all the family enjoy the quiz if you have one xx.

I have never tried Zoom quizzes but they sound like a lot of fun and these ideas are really great! Thanks for sharing these. I am totally going to look into these quizzes more closely. These are some really fun ideas! Me and my friends have been very into Zoom quizzes over the past year. That is such a good round idea! I would definitely consider doing a round like that next time I am making a Zoom quiz, but I will need to practice my photoshop skills first!

These all sound like so much fun! I have done bingo a few times on video calls with local small business owners here you buy a ticket and then the prizes are all credits for their products. Thanks for posting! I love these ideas so much! I agree, that would be such a funny round! I plan to use it next time I am planning a Zoom quiz x.

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