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Usually more detailed data are given on the product manufacturer’s website; – See the instructions and documentation that came with your monitor or device. Perhaps the information you need is on the product box. There are several ways to change the resolution. You do not need third-party programs to do this, just the standard Windows 10 tools are enough.

After you set a custom new resolution, the system will show how it will look for 15 seconds, after which a window will appear in which you will need to indicate whether to apply the changes or return to the previous settings in Windows.

Open Settings in Start Menu. Go to the “System” block. Here you can specify the resolution and scale for the existing screen or configure new monitors. You can change the orientation, but this is only required for non-standard monitors.

This can cause abnormal behavior in applications that are not designed to handle it. Choosing optimal resolution should be chosen based upon the aspect ratio of the recommended resolution of the screen this will be show in OPs post and matching lower resolutions with the same aspect ratio.

Example: Your screen shows x Recommended. Simply divide by and you will get 1. Look down the list for the next mode that has a matching aspect. It does. This will give you an aspect ratio that matches your monitor but a larger scaling without using the font scaling system that may be unsupported by your application. Technically speaking, screen resolution is the no.

It is denoted by two numbers. The first number represents the total no. The second number represents the total no. For example, if I say that my screen resolution is x , this means that my monitor is showing pixels horizontally and pixels vertically.

By the way, the x resolution is also known as p. This will display your current screen resolution. This can work on many devices including a PC, laptop, mobile phone, and a tablet. To make sure you know the exact screen resolution of your system, you should follow the steps below:.

This is the default and easiest way which Windows provides to change the screen resolution. Just follow the steps below:. Windows does not give any option to change screen resolution using the command prompt. But there is a utility called QRes which can be used for this purpose. It also supports the screen resolutions which are incompatible with your monitor. It is only meant for advanced users. Download QRes. I suggest you to try uninstall the Display Adapter drivers and install the drivers from the manufacturing website and check if it works for you.

Follow the steps to update the Display driver: 1. Install the latest display drivers from the manufacturing website and check if it works. Hope this information is helpful.

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How to adjust screen resolution in windows 10 pro. How to adjust screen resolution in Windows


Fixing how to adjust screen resolution in windows 10 pro issue depends on the cause, which can range from hardware to settings problems. Windows offers a variety of settings to customize your screen resolution to best fit your monitor type and situation. This happens as screens wear out.

The signs that this is the problem include:. For instance, YouTube allows you to change the video quality, which helps it to display better and stream faster. You can solve many winddows resolution problems in Windows just by adjusting the читать больше. Windows updates, apps, second monitors, and more can all change your default or custom settings. From the Display settings, you can also adjust the brightness, scaling, and the settings for additional connected screens.

From here, you can adjust the adapter properties, screen refresh rate Monitor taband the color management Color Management tab. For something so necessary for hardware to work properly on Windows, drivers cause many problems sometimes. For example, a flickering screen is often a driver issue.

Drivers are often the culprit behind stretched screens, fuzzy resolution, poor refresh rates, and more. Windows updates may help fix iin resolution problems if the update includes an improved driver.

While Windows loves to force updates automaticallyyou can run a manual check, too. Also read: Graphics Card Not Working? Here Are the Causes and Fixes. This is especially true if the resolution problems only occur within that specific app. No setting will fix an app that needs a higher resolution than your screen can offer. However, DPI dots per inch affects the size aduust various elements, how to adjust screen resolution in windows 10 pro as icons.

If these look fuzzy, then your screen resolution may seem off. Click the checkmark to save your settings. The default is It becomes how to adjust screen resolution in windows 10 pro when you change the setting, as all display settings adjust accordingly. Make sure you know all your original display settings before you change anything.

If you have an older monitor, screen resolution problems in Windows might have nothing жмите do with settings, apps, or drivers. It could be a simple issue of your monitor wearing out. Of course, it could also be a compatibility issue when it comes to how to adjust screen resolution in windows 10 pro older monitor.

Monitors can only support certain resolutions. Ultra-High Refresh Rates Explained. In this case, ensure you choose your original monitor in the display settings screen and adjust the узнать больше back to what looks best for adnust first screen.

Adjusting your screen resolution can sharpen or blur your desktop icons, depending on the resolution you choose. Instead, you just need to adjust the size of your desktop icons. If your screen seems dim or the color is читать больше little off, screem only during certain hours, such as night, you likely have Night Light turned on. Affiliate Disclosure: Make Tech Easier may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.

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