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Look for the Live Photo symbol in the bottom-left corner of a photo, then touch and hold the photo. While viewing a photo in the Photos app on your Apple Watch, tap , then choose a sharing option.

You can also create a Kaleidoscope watch face based on the photo, or add a new Photos watch face in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. See Customize the watch face. Tip: You can easily create a watch face on your iPhone. To learn how to choose a different photo album, see Choose a photo album and manage storage on Apple Watch. Tap a photo to view it. Swipe left or right to see other photos.

Turn the Digital Crown to zoom, or drag to pan a photo. Quick actions help you respond when your Apple Watch shows an alert.

For example, when you have an incoming call, a prompt lets you know that you can double clench to answer it. You can also use quick actions to snooze an alarm or stop a timer. To dismiss the quick action, perform a double-pinch gesture. Tap Accessibility, then tap AssistiveTouch. Tap AssistiveTouch to turn it on, then tap OK to confirm.

Or you can tap Try It Out to see a visual introduction. Navigate your Apple Watch with hand gestures When you raise your wrist, a blue ring around your Apple Watch screen indicates that AssistiveTouch is turned on and ready for you to activate it with the default double-clench gesture. With the default actions, you can navigate your Apple Watch with these hand gestures: Move to the next item: Pinch Tap your pointer finger to your thumb Move back one item: Double pinch Tap your pointer finger to your thumb twice quickly Tap an item: Clench Close your hand into a fist Bring up the action menu : Double clench Close your hand into a fist twice quickly.

The action menu lets you perform a number of actions via AssistiveTouch, such as scrolling, pressing the Digital Crown, and more. Tap a gesture, then select the action that you want to perform when you make that gesture. If you have Auto Scanning turned on, your Apple Watch moves automatically from item to item. You can use these default gestures with Auto Scanning: Bring up the action menu: Pinch Reverse direction: Double pinch A clench or double clench while using Auto Scanning will perfom the action that you’ve assigned to those gestures.

Here’s how to turn on the feature: Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch. Tap Confirm with AssistiveTouch, then tap Continue. Double click the side button, then type your passcode. Double click the side button again to confirm. Navigate your Apple Watch with the motion pointer Another way to use AssistiveTouch is with the motion pointer. Tap Shake to Start to turn the feature on. Raise your Apple Watch, then shake your wrist to make the motion pointer appear. How to activate the motion pointer using the action menu Bring up the action menu using your hand gesture.

The default gesture is a double clench. Move forward in the action menu using the default pinch gesture until Interaction is selected, then tap it by clenching your fist. Tap Motion Pointer. Use the AssistiveTouch action menu The action menu is a list of items that you can tap to perform actions in all areas of your Apple Watch.

Then you can: Tap Add Action under Favorites, then tap an action that you want to appear in the action menu alongside the default items. Choose where you want the action menu to appear.

Turn on a larger-sized menu. Use Autoscroll in the action menu An example of a useful feature that you can access in the action menu is Autoscroll. Bring up the action menu using your hand gesture.

Move forward in the action menu using the default pinch gesture until Autoscroll is selected, then tap it by clenching your fist. Use the pinch gesture to move through the Autoscroll options, then clench your fist to select one.


How to zoom on apple watch series 5 – none: –


On your iPhone, you should now now see a ‘Create Watch Face’ option in the action menu on any picture. This will let you stick a picture on your Watch either as is, or in kaleidoscope form. We’ve already talked about how to add music to the Apple Watch, but what about controlling it on other devices? Well, if you’ve updated past watchOS 4. Of course, iPhone users could briefly do this after watchOS 4 first launched, though it was swiftly removed after music streaming was re-added to the smartwatch through watchOS 4.

With many users enjoying the control, though, and the HomePod entering more homes, users are now one again able to select tunes, alter volume and skip tracks all from the wrist. If you want to change the volume on the AirPods without taking out your iPhone, you have to ask Siri.

Convoluted to say the least, but, if you have an Apple Watch, you’re in luck. When you’re playing music on a Watch running on watchOS 4 or later, whether it’s from your iPhone or Watch, you can glance at your watch to see what’s “Now Playing.

All you have to do is rotate the Digital Crown to raise and lower the volume. It couldn’t be more convenient. Apple made a big deal about Fall Detection during the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 4, but the feature actually isn’t turned on by default. When it is, the Watch is able to detect falls and offer automatic assistance.

Apple itself indicates that physically active people are more likely to trigger false positives, but only you can decide whether the potentially incessant notifications are worth it.

If you’ve got an Apple Watch with a cellular connection, you may want to keep an eye on your data usage. You never know whether something will tip you over your monthly plan.

You’ll have to head over to the companion app, checking in on the cellular menu option to see the information. Once you do, however, you’ll find out how much data you’ve used in the current period and which apps are using that data.

If you want to see how much storage you have to play with, head to the Apple Watch companion app, go to General and then select Usage. Here, you’ll be able to get a breakdown of how much space apps are taking up. If you find yourself constantly squinting at your wrist to read the Watch’s notifications, you can change the text size.

From Series 2 onward, the Apple Watch is waterproof and includes an eject mode to get rid of any water that’s left lurking inside after you’ve gone swimming. If you want to manually use this feature, swipe up from the main home screen to view the Apple Watch Control Center.

Look for the water droplet icon and press it. You’ll then be prompted to twist the digital crown to eject the water. It’s actually a good idea to tap the droplet button before getting in the shower or pool but don’t worry if you forget as it also locks the screen, preventing it from confusing water droplets for your fingers.

Lose your iPhone? Good thing you have your Apple Watch on because it can help you find your handset in a pinch. Swipe up to bring up the Control Center, look for the ‘Ping iPhone’ button and tap to be reunited with your iPhone. If you tap and hold the ‘Ping iPhone’ button, your iPhone’s LED flash will blink, giving you a visual guide in case the speaker gets muffled. Unless you have the latest Apple Watch Series 7, you don’t have access to a keyboard on Apple’s smartwatch.

If you don’t like the idea of typing out replies, there are other ways you can respond to texts. Apart from using custom responses, you can either tap the microphone to dictate replies with your voice, or scribble them letter by letter.

That’s a little tasking, but Siri is getting better at voice detection, and when you’re paired with some Bluetooth headphones with a mic, the experience is much smoother. Apple says to do this action as a last resort, so if you’re left with no choice then hold the Digital Crown and side button together for 10 seconds. Just like restarting your iPhone, the Apple logo will pop up and your watch should restart.

Added to the mix back in watchOS 2 but we’ll forgive you if you’re new to this , information can be drawn from third-party apps into watch faces. On the Series 4 or later, the main faces for these are Infograph and Infograph Modular — where you’ll get spots for eight and six complications respectively. On other Series, you’ll have the Modular, Utility and Chronograph options. Press and hold the watch face to cycle through the selection of faces, and tap Customize to enter an editing mode.

Swipe to the right to make the areas that can be customised appear in boxes. Tap the area you want to change, and then use the crown to scroll through options — this is where those third-party complications can be added. Most can be turned off if you prefer the minimalist look. If you don’t want to deal with the Watch’s tiny display, you can also do this on your iPhone via the Face Gallery in the companion app.

Have you ever sat in a dark cinema, moved your arm to get a little more comfortable and then seen a beacon go off on your wrist? That was your Apple Watch. To avoid being a public nuisance in the cinema, just swipe up on the watch face and click the Greek theatre faces to enable Theater Mode, which will keep your Watch’s display off during your film. Apple GymKit has been around for a while now, and while it’ll take a while for gyms across the world to get in the necessary equipment, the process has begun.

Essentially, GymKit allows you to tap your Apple Watch to an NFC terminal on cardio equipment, which will then perfectly sync up all your exercise data. Received a call on your Watch, but want to continue it on your actual phone?

No problem. Accept the call from the smartwatch and swipe up to send it over. The Podcast app was one of our most requested features, and we finally got it with watchOS 5 in With the update, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite shows on the go, with them syncing up with your iPhone and Mac.

Handily, that means you can pause halfway through an episode on one device and pick up on another. Apple’s Workout app got a big upgrade in watchOS 5. Along with including a whole bunch of new workouts, like High Intensity Interval Training, skiing and snowboarding , it also added automatic exercise detection.

However, this doesn’t work quite how you would expect. The Apple Watch will sense what kind of workout you’re doing, but it won’t automatically start tracking it without you doing anything. Read this: Apple Watch Activity and Workout app explained.

Instead, it sends you a notification telling you that it thinks you’re working out, and it’ll remind you to start the tracking. Once you’ve done so, it’ll give you retroactive credit for the amount of workout you’ve already done.

Similarly, if you forget to end a workout it’ll prompt you to do so. As for new workouts, yoga and hiking are finally in the list. Yoga’s algorithm is built off your heart rate, while hiking takes pace, heart rate, and elevation gain into consideration. Draining power too fast? Swipe up on the main watch screen to bring up the Control Center. The first icon displays current battery status. Press this to reveal the Power Reserve button.

And if you’re finding this to be a consistent problem, it’s worth finding out how to get more out of your device throughout the day. Read our 15 tips to improving Apple Watch battery life. By default, the Apple Watch will show any notification that appears on your iPhone, but you can turn each one off individually to quell the digital noise. In the iPhone’s Apple Watch app menu tap Notifications and scroll down to ‘mirror iPhone alerts from’ and start turning off those annoying offenders.

The Digital Crown isn’t best placed for south paws, who generally wear their watch on the right arm. However, you can have the Apple Watch flip its controls so that the crown works on the bottom left instead of top right.

You can keep the old honeycomb grid shown above if you want, and if you do choose that way, know that it’s much easier to fire up the companion app, head over to App Layout and organise it all there, instead of on the watch itself. If you want to be done with the honeycomb grid, you can also switch over to a list view. On the Watch, just force touch on the app selection screen to choose the grid view option. Say you’re a bit sad, and you need a jolt of joy, you can head over to your Mickey or Minnie watch face and tap on them to hear them tell you the time in their trademark voices.

While Mickey has been the face of Apple’s marketing campaign, and he’s a fun novelty, it’s virtually impossible to tell the time from his stubby arms.

In fact, there are only three watch faces we actually can bear to use. Banish the rest by swiping up on any offending design. Unless you’re really invested in the stock market, you probably haven’t touched Apple’s Stocks app on the iPhone. So why would you open it up on your Apple Watch? Back in iOS 10, Apple added the ability to remove stock apps from your iPhone. Lucky for you, deleting those apps also removes them from your Apple Watch. A headline addition that landed through watchOS 4.

So if you owe your friends for that lunch, or you just lost a bet, you can simply open the messages app on your Watch and pay them. You can also request money from friends if they’re avoiding you. Setting up Apple Pay Cash is simple. You simply agree to the terms and — voila — you’re all set up.

The new Always On mode is useful for getting a sneak peek at the time and, well, making the Apple Watch feel more like a real watch, but there are occasions when you’ll want to switch it off.

Here’s how to do so:. Tap ‘Always On’, then tap the ‘Always On’ switch from green to white. Always late on your way to meet friends? Instead of wasting time replying to them from your phone, simply send your live location from your wrist and let them watch the drama unfold for themselves. Even if you choose to have email notifications on your wrist, it’s likely you won’t actually engage with them properly — and you can’t compose replies.

So, why not save the important ones for later? If you only want personal ones, and don’t want to be bombarded by work-related ones, head to the iPhone’s Watch app. If you’re navigating a city using Apple Watch turn-by-turn walking directions then you don’t even need to look at your smartwatch. The first time we used the turn-by-turn we were confused by the sheer amount of tapping, so hopefully that adds some clarity. Sign In. Wareable is reader-powered. If you click through using links on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Learn more. Saturday December 25, By James Stables stablesjames. By James Stables. That’s why we’ve rounded up 67 essential hacks to help make the Apple Watch even more useful.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Series 6 And we keep the list up to date, to include improvements introduced through the most recent updates. If you just want to know how to create the Portrait watch faces and you own an iPhone 7 Plus or later capable of taking portrait photos and an Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, 7 or SE, you need to do the following: 1.

Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and tap on the Face Gallery 2. Choose the photos you want to use to turn into a watch face 3. Select from Classic, Modern or rounded face looks and then choose your complication layout 4. Turn on auto pause for cycling workouts watchOS 8 When Apple unveiled watchOS 8 and its new latest Watch, it revealed it wanted to bolster the features available for cyclists.

That included a new fall detection mode for when you get on and fall off your bike. It also introduced the ability to turn on auto pause like you can do when you’re tracking outdoor runs. To turn on auto pause for cycling: 1. Go to Settings on your Apple Watch 2. Scroll down until you find the Workout app 3. From here you’ll find the option to turn on auto pause. Set multiple Watch timers watchOS 8 Sometimes, it’s the simplest features that make the biggest difference when using Apple’s Watch day-to-day.

That’s definitely how we see Apple’s decision to finally make it possible to set up multiple timers on its smartwatch. To find the place to do that: 1. Press the Digital Crown to open up the app screen 2. Select Timers and scroll up and down to see a set of different popular timers you can pick from 3.

Tap Custom if you need to make your own. Stay focused watchOS 8 The new Focus mode is all about filtering out the distractions that are getting away of your productivity or even making sure you get an uninterrupted sleep. The idea is that you can set up Focus profiles to make sure your Watch recognises the times when you need to focus.

To turn on a Focus profile: 1. Scroll to find the Focus app where you’ll be able to set up do not disturb and sleep profiles 3. You can also choose to mirror the Focus profiles you’ve set up on your iPhone.

Share photos watchOS 8 A large share of the new features introduced with watchOS 8 were geared to improving how the Watch handles photos and what you can do with them.

It revamped the Photos app to make it easier to view images and it also made it much easier to share photos. To share a photo from the Photos app on your Apple Watch, you need to do the following: 1. Open the Photos app on your Apple Watch 2.

Scroll to find the photo you want to share and tap to select 3. You will now see a small share button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen 4. Unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask watchOS 7. However, it won’t be enabled automatically — do that: 1. On your iPhone head to Settings 2.

Tap Face ID and Passcode. Get your next Apple Watch fix Apple Watch app essentials. Our list of free and paid-for apps for your shiny new Apple smartwatch. For dressing up, going running, and everything in between.

Essential guide: How to set up your Apple Watch. Pair to your phone, download some apps and get started with Activity. Save some space and some wall outlets. What your Apple Watch Activity Rings say about you. Stay fit with Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch can help you track important health information, including your menstrual cycle, high and low heart rates, and irregularities in heart rhythm. Track important health information with Apple Watch. Stay connected with Apple Watch.

To browse the Apple Watch User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page, or enter a word or phrase in the search field.


– How to Zoom Out on an Apple Watch

Front Zoom. Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular) 40mm Space Black Stainless. 1 of 13 (Images & Videos). How to Zoom Out on an Apple Watch Series 5 · Open the Watch app on your iPhone. · Tap on the “Accessibility” option. · Turn off the zoom toggle. On your iPhone.


– How to zoom on apple watch series 5 – none:

› Apple Watch › Apple Watch Hardware. How to Zoom Out on an Apple Watch Series 5 · Open the Watch app on your iPhone. · Tap on the “Accessibility” option. · Turn off the zoom toggle.

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