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Honolulu Travel Guide


Nearly all of the millions of people who holiday in Hawaii each year come to Honolulu. Home to the state’s largest airport and its largest port, Honolulu is the transport hub of Hawaii. Far from the quiet and isolated resorts that many associate with the islands, Honolulu is a bustling city of nearly a million people.

Honolulu is Hawaii in microcosm. Visitors can spend their morning paddling a kayak or taking a surf lesson, shop ’til they drop in the boutiques of the Ala Moana Center, and attend a luau or take in a show at the Polynesian Cultural Center in the evening. The city itself has many attractions, and visitors will enjoy visiting the Waikiki Aquarium and Honolulu Zoo (both in Kapiolani Park), peering into Diamond Head Crater, and having fun on one of the many stunning beaches in Waikiki.

Honolulu is home to many excellent restaurants, a lively nightlife, and enough souvenir shops to satisfy even the most avid bargain-hunter. The hustle and bustle of the city may not be everyone’s idea of a romantic holiday in Hawaii, but a few days in Honolulu is a must on any island getaway.

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Hong Kong City Travel Guide

The challenge of a holiday in Hong Kong is to have enough time to fit in all the aspects of this exciting city of contrasts. There are some things not to be missed during a Hong Kong holiday, and these include the food, the superlative shopping, a cruise to the outlying islands, and spending some quiet moments in the natural setting of a peaceful park. There is nowhere on earth quite like Hong Kong, which is reason enough for anyone to travel here.

Hong Kong perches on the edge of mainland China, occupying an anomalous position as a territory straddling two worlds. Since the handover by the British in 1997 Hong Kong has become a ‘Special Administrative Region of China’ and no longer a subject of colonial sovereignty. Past and present fuse in Hong Kong to create a capitalist utopia embedded within the world’s largest Communist country.

Hong Kong offers a dense concentration of stores and shopping malls with a cross-pollinated, cosmopolitan culture that embraces the Chinese and British cuisines with equal enthusiasm. It is the perfect gateway for travellers to Southeast Asia and China, providing a smooth transition from west to east. As one of the key economies of the Pacific Rim, Hong Kong Island showcases a gleaming landscape of skyscrapers and attracts droves of business travellers.

The city of Hong Kong, despite its surviving traditional enclaves, feels delightfully futuristic; the glittering night-time skyline is one of the most iconic in the world. It is a booming business hub, a fashion centre and a celebrated foodie destination and the diversity of its population and cultural influences adds hugely to its unique appeal. In addition to all its impressive sightseeing attractions travellers will be happy to discover just how well everything seems to work in Hong Kong; most notably, the efficient transport system makes getting around a pleasure.

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Budapest Travel Guide

Budapest is a picturesque and charming old city endowed with the relics of centuries of invasions and occupations; the city has played a unique and fascinating role in European history and has preserved its past extremely well, now celebrating its cultural wealth and resilience by proudly inviting visitors to enjoy its many delights:

To experience a holiday in Budapest is to revel in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, which not only offers breath-taking classical architecture but also stunning vistas across the wide, romantic Danube River. There are many vantage points in this city of hills, spires and rivers from which to admire panoramic views, including Gellert Hill where you can also find the famous Citadella and the Liberation Monument.

Budapest is also a city of festivals, concerts and the arts and a popular reason to visit is for the city’s renowned operatic and music events as well as its amazing galleries and museums. For the less artistic there are also hedonistic pleasures to be enjoyed, like rejuvenating in Budapest’s famed spa baths, sampling the wonderful local cuisine in the city’s many good restaurants, or enjoying the feisty and fun Budapest nightlife. There is great shopping in the city as well and those so inclined will leave with substantially heavier bags.

Budapest is a city for all to enjoy. It can provide a romantic getaway for two, a memorable experience for music or opera fundis, fun for families, fascinating fodder for sightseers, or a rocking time for festival goers.

Best time to visit Budapest

Summer (between April and September) is undoubtedly the best time for a Budapest holiday, when long days are generally sunny and warm, albeit with a little uncomfortable humidity. Snow is common in winter. Most choose their time to travel to Budapest to coincide with one of the major events, like the Sziget rock festival or Formula 1 Grand Prix in August, or the Summer Classical Music Festival. Read more on Budapest’s Climate and Weather.

What to see in Budapest

-Visit the Royal Palace on the top of the famous Castle Hill.

-Admire the magnificent views from the ramparts of the neo-Romanesque Fisherman’s Bastion.

-Marvel at the Great Synagogue in the charming old Jewish quarter.

-Wander through the striking Communist relics of Memento Park.

What to do in Budapest

-Stroll over the iconic Chain Bridge, built in 1849.

-Take a tour of the richly decorated Parliament Buildings with their treasure trove of art.

-Treat the kids to a day of fun at the Great Circus.

-Explore the picturesque village of Kecskemet with its colourful Art Nouveau buildings.

Beyond Budapest

Budapest is a great base or starting point for further excursions into Hungary. Eger, one of the country’s oldest cities, is popular for its historical attractions and Baroque architecture but also because it is nestled in the centre of Hungary’s wine-growing region, a delight for tourists who tipple. Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater lake in Europe and attracts many to the lovely villages and resorts that line its banks. The scenic area of the Danube Bend is also easily accessible from Budapest.

Getting there

Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport, the largest of Hungary’s five international airports, is conveniently located 10 miles (16km) southeast of Budapest. Get more information on Airports in Budapest.

Did you know?

-With 123 thermal springs Budapest has far more than any other capital city in the world.

-Budapest has the oldest underground train system in mainland Europe – it was built in 1896.

-Before 1873 Budapest was three distinct cities: Buda, Pest, and Obuda.

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