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Louisville Travel Guide

Louisville is world-renowned for being home to America’s most exciting two sporting minutes each year when the Kentucky Derby is run at the famed Churchill Downs racetrack. The thundering of the hooves of thoroughbred racehorses, however, is not all this lively city on the banks of the Ohio River has to offer. Kentucky’s largest city also offers scores of fine restaurants and a diverse arts community, and boasts some of America’s most beautiful parks and renowned art and science museums.

Louisville is definitely a city of good taste, with more than 2,500 restaurants serving an astounding variety of cuisines, ranging from quiet cafés and coffee houses to ethnic restaurants and gourmet palaces. The city is big on the national sporting map, too, being the home of the famed Louisville Slugger, and baseball fans flock to the downtown museum dedicated to the ‘Official Bat of Major League Baseball’.

This, together with some exciting attractions like an indoor forest, a restored old sternwheeler river boat, an excellent zoo and a thrilling amusement park, makes Louisville a perfect family holiday destination, set in the very heart of America. The local tourist authority boasts that the city is within a day’s drive of more than half the population of the United States.

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Nairobi Travel Guide

Nairobi is one of Africa’s largest and most interesting cities. It is a place of enormous energy, a tireless and thriving bustle of people, and a city of differences. Assorted races, tribes and origins are all a part of its make-up.

The city centre buzzes with the energy, aspirations and opportunism of moneychangers, safari touts, would-be thieves, food vendors, trinket sellers, shoppers, and sharp-eyed shoe shiners assessing the footwear of the hurried throngs.

Kenyatta Avenue is the city’s favourite tourist image, a broad avenue fringed by trees and flowers that was originally designed to allow a twelve-oxen team to make a full turn. There are several museums and places of interest in the centre, including the National Museum and Snake Park. There are numerous markets selling traditional crafts, especially the appealing Masai market. Just outside of the centre is the Nairobi National Park, and the nearby Bomas of Kenya host performances of traditional dancing and singing. The Langata Giraffe Centre offers visitors the chance to hand-feed the Rothschild giraffes that inhabit the area.

Safety has been a concern for tourists, as the capital has in recent years been the target of terrorist attacks. With safety in mind, travellers are advised to be vigilant when visiting the capital and keep an eye on official government warnings as to the latest safety information pertaining to Kenya. Yet despite these unfortunate few incidents, a trip to Nairobi is usually trouble free and tourists can still safely enjoy the beautiful flavour and culture of the vibrant and friendly city.

Nairobi is also the safari capital of Africa and a good base for travel in Kenya. From here excursions and safaris can be arranged to any of the national parks or reserves in the country.

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