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Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I am trying to get zoom meeting details report using API.

The sample report is here:. I have explored a little after this post. I have tried this API endpoint. What I ended up is below:. Here I specified all the fields those I need to extract to get the target report which is named as UI report in the spreed sheet. To get this report I tried to call 3 APIs:. The first 2 API calls are working fine. Here in my educational institute University we have thousands of meetingid , for example for a single day I found there are 28, numbers of unique meeting ids.

It might be more than 30, if I try with larger date range for 7 days or 30 days. In this case the Meeting participants call will take each meetingid and execute the API call which will exceed the date limit.

How to resolve this issue? Is there any other better way or any straightforward API out there which can give me the almost the same report as the Target UI report? Please help. Thank you. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. How to get zoom meeting details report with zoom API? Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 3 months ago.

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How to get zoom meeting details report with zoom API? – Stack Overflow.Moodle plugins directory: Zoom meeting: Versions: v

Meetings Client; Zoom Rooms Client; Zoom Rooms Controller; Browser Extension; Outlook Plug-in; iPhone/iPad App; Android App; Zoom Virtual Backgrounds; Sales. ; Learn how to use the API to build applications and integrations using Zoom. Devforum. Get your questions answered from our staff or the community. Aug 21,  · How to get the participants list of meeting. so now I have checked the $ {meetingId}/registrants API with GET method. The Get Meeting Registrants is only for listing who has registered to attend the meeting. May 21,  · Screenshot of Report Fetched From Report Section => (upload://) over there it is showing me Participants: i am not able to understand why it is sending me the same data via API. Also VIA API Call Get Meeting Details, it is showing Duration of the meeting as 20 minutes. below is the screenshot .


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Convenient meetings. A user that creates a meeting has a few options to choose from, starting from the possibility to create an instant meeting or schedule it to a specific time and day. Upon creating a scheduled meeting, a host will receive a Meeting ID to share with the other attendees.

The host also has the option of muting attendees and recording the meeting. The free version is enough for small businesses. Microsoft Outlook plugin. This plugin provides a Zoom user with an option to schedule and start instant Zoom meetings in Microsoft Outlook.

Chrome extension. It can schedule or start an instant meeting. It connects to Google Calendar through which all the attendees receive an invitation and enables users to join a meeting by clicking just one button. Zoom WordPress Plugin. The management of attendees, webinars, meetings, and reports from the WordPress dashboard is supported in this plugin. The limitations of this plugin include the lack of support for webinars, and that it only has features of the web version of Zoom.

Zoom Pro. In addition to all the benefits of the free version, group sessions can be hours long, and a host can manage attendees and has limited admin console access. A host can record a session and save it in the cloud up to 1GB. Pro also has reports and statistics on the number of sessions, when they were taken, how long they lasted, and how many attendees joined the meetings.

Developers get access to Zoom API. Zoom Business. All the benefits of Zoom Pro are enriched with your company branding for all Zoom meetings, apps, and invitations for up to attendees. An array of objects where each object contains two keys field, value. Pass an entire recurrence object directly. Cannot be used with other recurrence parameters. For a daily meeting there’s a maximum of 90 days.

For a weekly meeting there is a maximum of 12 weeks. For a monthly meeting there is a maximum of 3 months. Note: Multiple values should be separated by a comma. The value is from 1 to With the arrival of the COVID pandemic, businesses and organizations realized the need to communicate virtually. For many of these groups, Zoom was the online meeting platform that met their needs.

Zoom is a communication platform that empowers online meetings, lectures and seminars. When a user has an account on Zoom, they can invite others to join by sending a link. Through Zoom, organizations can hold large discussions, share videos and images, and break into small groups from anywhere in the world.

When a third-party application or website wants to access the resources of Zoom, it will reach out to a Zoom API. Zoom APIs let applications pull information about current users, accounts and dashboard data. These structures will also let users set up meetings on a third-party application. The API endpoint also requires an access token to be passed in the Authorization header. As I said earlier, the access token has a short life and we are going to regenerate it in the background without asking for the authentication process again.

I have created a create-meeting. I also handled the condition of token expiry and regenerating it if expired. It means the meeting time will be 20 March , PM.

If you want to update the meeting information, send a PATCH request along with the details that need to be updated. Refer to the below code to update your Zoom meeting. For more information, you may read the documentation. After this, you may want to list all meetings in your application.

Zoom provides an API through which we can fetch all our Zoom meetings. Create a file list-meeting. In the above code, I am printing a topic and URL of meetings. You may print other information as well. While fetching meetings Zoom return 30 records in a single call.

Once the meeting is over, you can get a list of participants using the Zoom API. It is recommended to call this API only if you are on a paid account.

This specific API requires to have paid account. If you try to call this API with a free account you would get an error. In the response, you will get the names and emails of participants.

The user can play with the Zoom API endpoints like list, update, delete a meeting. All you need to do is follow their guidelines on using specific endpoints.

To this endpoint, you need to pass your meeting id as shown below.


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