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1. Sham visa process & cost for UK Zawar: IF you have 8 zawar application.

We need from you colour copy of your passport, must be valid 6 months from return date. These 8 applications can be a mix of British, Travel document, Pakistani, Indian, African etc.  Once you share above and transfer funds in our account it takes 3 working days to issue our visa paper. We will share by WhatsApp your visa and once you print it you can proceed to Syria border or Airport. You must tell us your route before we apply that whether you are entering from Damascus Airport or by land border and exit from land border or via Damascus Airport.

Cost of this visa approval is £150 each person. Total will be £150×8.

You can stay in Syria 90 days from entry date. The validity of visa is 60 days from issue date.

After you have received visa approval you do not pay any visa fees at point of entry because you are treated as a group and visa fee is exempted for 8 or more zawar.

2. If less, then 8 applications:

Visa approval is required same as No. 1 and also when

You arrive at border or Airport, pay to the bank $140 for

British passport, Holland passport $90 or Pakistani passport is $15 per passport.

3. If you are entering through Lebanon into Syria:

European, British, Canadian, US citizen get free visa on arrival but Pakistani and Indian passport holders will have to get visa prior to boarding plane to Lebanon.

If you want visa of Lebanon we can help you but it will be £110 each. Lebanon to sham border is open 24 hours.

4. If You are entering through Jordan Naseeb border to Syria by Road:

You will need visa for Jordan which You can get from Jordan embassy in London or from Your country. European, UK or western countries get visa on arrival.

If you need Jordan tourism and visit Jaffer Altayyar ziyarat we can arrange it. Visa will be free if you stay 2 nights in Amman and buy ground package through us.

The land border closes at 3 pm. On return from Syria it is overcrowded because of the trucks and cars bringing goods into Jordan. There is no flight from Jordan to Syria.

5. Visa for US CITIZENS:

This has just started in Sept 2023 and there is no discount on groups. It is individual visa approval which cost $380 each plus $160 visa fee on port of entry. You must mention your planned route of entry and exit.

This visa process takes 20 days to complete. Your passport must be valid minimum 6 months from return date.


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