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We = Alavi Tours
You = means client / Customer/ Zaer/ consumer

The responsibility of Alavi Tours, acts as an agent and protector for the passenger’s rights in making arrangements for the airlines, hotels, buses, or any service in connection with the tour. We assume no liability whatsoever for injury, damage, loss, death, luggage lost, accidents, delay irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason or defect through the acts of God, dangerous incidents in the air, sea, land, fire, breakdown of machinery or equipment, acts of government or other authorities dejure or defacto, wars, whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, theft, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations or for any loss or damage, resulting from improper passports, visas, or other documents. We will accept no responsibilities for loss or additional expenses due to delay or changes in schedules or other causes or any accommodation costs. We shall not be liable or responsible for any inconvenience, loss, damage or injury arising in connection with such service. ALavi Tours, are not responsible for providing any accommodation in the event of any natural disasters or any adverse weather conditions affecting your flight or holiday. We will help to find a solution in giving advice or guide you to right direction. We are not responsible for any airline failure to follow instructions, including but not determine exactly what procedure will be followed. The policy chosen by that carrier shall be based on their procedure and shall not be the responsibility of Alavi Tours and its affiliates. They will also not be responsible for any person(s) missing and part of the program due to his / her negligence or delay or absenteeism for any time during the tour and will not be responsible for any additional expenses for the participant to re-join the tour. Moreover, no charges or upgrades in the program chosen all will be honoured after departure as well as no refund will be given for any services rendered not utilized.


When a customer buys services from a trader both parties enter into a contract. A contract may be defined as an agreement between two or more parties that is intended to be legally binding. Normally a consumer has no automatic right to change their mind and to cancel a contract, therefore if this happens they are in breach of contract.

A consumer cannot make a claim where despite the service being carried out with reasonable care and skill, it does not achieve the consumer’s desire outcome, unless that outcome has been agreed first.

A consumer cannot make a claim where it is the consumer and not the trader who is responsible for things going wrong.

A consumer cannot claim for damage they cause nor they can claim if they simply change their mind about wanting the goods or services, unless the contract allows them to do so through a cooling off period or right to cancel.


A minimum of £ 500 (non-refundable) deposit per person must be made in order for us to hold a confirmed reservation.

Paying the Balance:

Any outstanding balance to complete or full payment must be cleared at least one week before the departure date. Failure to do so may result in a loss of the reservation and any deposit paid will not be refunded.


The full package fee is still chargeable and must still be paid if a cancellation is made less than one month before the scheduled departure date. In such instances no refund will be made against any money already paid. For cancellations made with more than one calendar month left until the departure date, please note: We may be able to cancel certain bookings once they have been placed. We will check and help you as much as we can. Regards to air ticket if it is may be if it is non-refundable and non-transferable, we cannot help in this situation.


Umra, Hajj, Ziyarat or holiday travel require early planning and may involve many unexpected possibilities. For your peace of mind and your protection, travel insurance is highly recommended to protect your once in a lifetime journey or avoid having to pay high cancellation fees.

Full payments must be made for Umra bookings at least one month before departure date.
Dates shown in this website are subject to airline confirmation.
Prices subject to increase without prior notice due to full surcharge and exchange rate changes.
We do not accept liability for any changes that occur through reasons beyond our control, such as flight cancellations or adverse weather conditions etc.
Although we endeavour to ensure all information in this website is correct and up-to-date, we offer guarantee of this. Please contact us to verify details before making any decisions. We will not be responsible for any inconvenience or losses incurred as a result of errors in the website or errors in terms and conditions.
All contents in this website belongs to “Alavi Tours” and must not be copied or reproduced in part or in whole, without the owners specific written permission.
We do not accept any association with or links to this website, without specific consent from us. We reserve the right to withdraw this consent if we feel an association has been made inappropriately or incoherent with company policies.
We are not responsible for any information or content provided by third parties that are linked to this website. The minimum stay in Saudi Arabia is five days. The maximum stay is 28 days(unless otherwise stated).
Overstay will result in financial penalties up to a minimum of £500 per person. We have the right to take any legal steps to recover any financial loss that may occur.
In Iraq overstay means no other group members can travel on same day from Airport, Therefore, we have the right to ask from that person who is overstaying in Iraq to pay the return ticket of all passengers mentioned in the visa manifest as group visa issued by Iraq Embassy for all zawar and also force that person who has breached the rule and over stayed to pay for the other passengers’ hotel and living expenses until the day they will fly back. If there is any compensation raised by any member in that group visa after or during their stay will also be paid by the overstaying person in Iraq.


Your contract is with Alavi Tours

All tours are sold subject to some more conditions apart from mentioned on top.


To make a booking, please contact Alavi Tours to discuss your requirements and check availability. Your contract will be made once you have paid a deposit and our confirmation invoice has been sent to you. When you make a booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept on behalf of all members of your party the terms of these booking conditions.

You must check Alavi Tours confirmation carefully and raise any queries with us immediately upon receipt. Your contract with us is governed by English law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts and is deemed to have been made at Alavi Tours office in Birmingham or any associated office.


Balance payment must be made to us at least 2 weeks prior to departure. Payment can be made by Bank transfer. Please note your booking may be cancelled if you fail to make balance payment on time, unless we otherwise allow you to pay at destination to our nominated staff or representative. If your booking is cancelled, charges will apply. Your initial deposit to cover your air ticket and visa must be paid before the balance and at the time of booking by bank transfer or via our website.


If you wish to alter any arrangements after we have sent you our confirmation invoice we will do our best to arrange this. You must write to us with details of the alterations requested. Any alterations will be subject to availability plus agreement by the relevant supplier(s) and there will be an administration charge of £40 per person together with any communication charges or other expenses incurred by us. In many cases a transfer or name change will mean the cancellation and re booking of flights or hotels and a significant additional charge may arise. This charge could be as much as the full pilgrimage or tour cost. You should be aware that these costs may increase the closer to the departure date you are to make the changes made by you. If you change the number of people in your party, the price will be recalculated to the new party size. This may mean that accommodation is under occupied and the other members of the party may have to pay an increased price.


If you decide to cancel your booking, the person who made the booking must notify us in writing as soon as possible. We will check with our suppliers and depending of the circumstances we will refund your money deducting our supplier charges and our admin charge of £80 per person. Air tickets if sold on Non-refundable or Non changeable basis, we will not be able to refund any money towards your ticket. In case of visa is issued we will not be able to refund any money. If the approval of visa is applied, we will refund the money of visa sticker not issued from embassy after deduction of our admin charge of £20 on each person.


If you have cause for complaint whilst on your trip, this must be brought to the attention of Alavi Tours local appointed representative/ agent or the hotel management or other supplier immediately so that action can be taken to remedy the problem. Should your first attempt fails and you are still dissatisfied please refer your complaint to +447713622402 by WhatsApp or email; We will immediately try to resolve your problem.


To you for your Pilgrimage or Holiday arrangement (a) when you make a booking with us, you acknowledge there is an element of risk associated with pilgrimages generally, particularly in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Egypt and Jordan. These include overcrowding in hotels and all forms of transport and poor management of public places. These risks can also include the risk of injury or illness in remote places

Without medical facilities. You must be fit enough to undertake the pilgrimage and you must exercise reasonable care for your own safety and the safety of other members in your group. (B) Subject to (C) and (D) below if any member of your party is killed or injured as a result of an element forming part of your arrangements booked before departure from the UK or world-wide, we will not accept responsibility if the death or injury is due to a fault on our part or the part of our agents or suppliers. We do not accept responsibility if any death, personal injury or failure of ours, or our agents or suppliers, and is caused by you or someone not connected with your arrangements. We do not accept responsibility if the death, personal injury or failure of the arrangements, is due to unforeseen circumstances which even with all due care, we, or our agents or suppliers, could not have anticipated or avoided international conditions. (E) If we make payment to you or member of your party for death, personal injury or illness, you must give us or our insurers the rights you may have to take action against the person or organisation responsible for causing the death or personal injury or illness and you must cooperate fully with us in seeking recovery of any payment made.


Cancellation may be necessary in exceptional circumstances and Alavi Tours reserves the right in its absolute discretion to cancel your pilgrimage / Holiday package. If this occurs, you will be offered the choice of an alternative pilgrimage of comparable standard (if available) or full and prompt refund of all monies you have paid together with compensation of £15 per person. We will cancel your pilgrimage if you fail to make payment by the due date and will not be liable to pay you any compensation in this case. We may have to cancel your trip as a result of low bookings as defined before on top. In these circumstances, you will receive a full and prompt refund of all monies you have paid. You will not be paid any compensation in these circumstances, where your trip is cancelled because of circumstances outside of our control.


If in our reasonable opinion or in the reasonable opinion of any airline pilot, steward, hotel manager, tour leader, or other person in authority, your behaviour is causing danger, damage to property or persistently affecting the enjoyment of others, we reserve the right to terminate your pilgrimage / holiday package. Should this happen no refund or compensation will be paid. If your behaviour results in Alavi Tours being forced to pay additional charges, we will seek to recover them in full from you.


Information about you and members of your party, including your names, contract details and any special needs, disabilities or dietary requirements contact details and any special needs, disabilities or dietary requirements is collected by us when you request information or make a booking with us. You are responsible for ensuring that other members of your party are aware of our booking conditions and this privacy policy and that they consent to you acting on their behalf in your dealings with us. We may disclose this info to our service providers (who may be located outside the UK/EU) for the purpose of providing you with your travel arrangements and insurance. Only info necessary for this purpose will be disclosed to them. In the case of Iraq visa manifest on paper for whole group will have your information disclosed on it. In the case of Air travel, it may be mandatory for us to disclose info for security and anti-terrorism purposes and any other purpose imposed on us by governments and airlines. We may disclose your information to companies who acts as data processors on our behalf, may be “sensitive personal data” with the meaning of Data Protection Act 1998. We need this info to cater for your needs, but it is collected on condition that we have your positive consent. If you do not agree to our use of your info to us in circumstances where we may need to act in the interests of everyone in the group with whom you are traveling. For example if you contract an infectious disease or illness whilst on your trip, we may need to make special arrangements for you or one of your party or group member, and ensure that you do not return with the group immediately. If extra cost is incurred to send you back to your destination or treat you in Hospital, all charges are to be bearer by passenger. From time to time we may contact you by post with info with special offers or pilgrimages/ holidays, if you do not wish this info do please notify us.


Our visa application service allows us to apply on your behalf for visa to Middle east countries. We are unable to guarantee the granting of any visa and consequently accept no liability whatsoever for any refusal or delay in obtaining visa. We reserve to claim any associated costs incurred as a result of the delay or refusal. You should also ensure that you comply with all travel health requirements, such as vaccinations and are advised to contact your medical practitioner in good time before your travel.

Please ensure that you understand and are aware of the rituals of your pilgrimage and how to perform them. You should be aware that during peak season, particularly the Hajj period because of the huge numbers of people on pilgrimages and the problems of overcrowding, your planned ziyarat may sometimes have to be changed or your room facilities or furniture may be different. Alavi Tours are unable to prevent this from occurring on that occasion and accept no liability for this occasion. Particularly at the time of Hajj or Arbaeen in Iraq, flights and destination airports can sometimes be altered at the last minute. We have no control over this and you should be aware that this could happen with your booking.

Middle east is not subject to the same health and safety regulations that exist in the UK or western world. In many areas, the operation of certain amenities and facilities may be subject to local licensing laws or religious pilgrimage. Maintenance and local energy conservation measures may mean that the hotel or apartment limits certain facilities e.g. air conditioning or water supplies. In addition, unusual weather conditions may cause electricity failure. There are backup generators there to replace government electricity which are run by diesel, so nothing to worry about it. We will not be liable for any damage or losses to your electrical appliances this may cause due to voltage fluctuation.


In most cases this leads to a richer experience but you should be aware that accommodation in apartments and hotels is provided on a shared basis (unless appropriate supplements have been paid and this is stated in your confirmation invoice). If you are a family, you don’t have to share your room with other members of your group. If you are single person we normally ask you to share your room with one or two other same sex person to share your room. If you are not happy with this arrangement, please inform us at time of booking and pay us the single occupancy rate which means you will be charged for another empty bed in your room which is $40 extra per night per person on top of your normal rate.


All information about the hotels has been provided by those hotels which we have booked and may have been verified by us. All hotel rooms have private bathrooms but you should be aware that the sizes of the rooms are usually smaller than those in the UK or western world. The star rating has been checked by us and indicates the high standard of hotel offered by us. The meals provided are on an open buffet or A La Carte basis in hotels and apartments (self-catering).


Check in and flight times are local times based on a 24-hour system. They are for guidance only and may change, especially with regard to the individual country’s day light saving time policy. Your invoice will show proper flight details and your flight tickets will show flight details. Please check your flight details when you receive your tickets. It is recommended that you check in 3 hours before your departure. Your name must be identical on your ticket and passport. In case airline changes your inbound departure date or airport, we will not be liable for the extra cost of hotel, transport etc. If your passport has less than 6 months validity from return date of your trip, please renew your passport and we are not liable for any loss caused due to this mistake of not informing us.


If you are wheel chair bound person we insist that you declare us at time of booking.

We insist that you should not come alone single person but accompany with your family member or friend. If you need help in assistance during pilgrimage or holiday we will provide you with labourer and you will pay the extra charges of per day minimum $25 in case of Iraq.


Laundry, phone calls, private items of personal nature, shopping, repatriation, medical or medicine, hospital expenses and operation etc. single occupancy, extra trips out of itinerary example Hilla trip, overweight in case of domestic flight from Tehran to Mashad which allows only 20 kg. inbound journey if you have over weight

We are not responsible for the extra charges. Tips to hotel staff and drivers. Private travel and medical insurance is not included pl get it yourself highly recommended.


Visa approval, Visa stamp, Transport, transfers, all Ziyaraat, Local guide, Alim(priest),

Hotel, Meals, our arrangements, trollies for luggage, local taxes, airport taxes, immigration charges or sponsor charges, local transfers from airport to car park, refreshments, surcharges, lectures, workshops (Salat, Wudhoo, Ghusl, Q&A).

Shopping trip assistance, sim card purchase assistance, currency conversion help,

Complimentary ziyarat book in English language or Urdu language, Country guide,

Shoulder bag, identity card carrying badge, passport cover (subject to availability).


23RD APRIL, 2019.